Bleach Everything "So We Gnaw"

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12" on Green on Dark Operative Records

Fast, harsh, and aggressive as fuck Hardcore punk in the vein of Left for Dead or any Chris Colohan project. BLEACH EVERYTHING is comprised of lifetime scene veterans from across the punk and hardcore underground, with its members hailing from the likes of Corn On Macabre, Jesuit, Highness, City Of Caterpillar, Darkest Hour, Mammoth Grinder, Suppression, Iron Reagan, Harmonic Cross, Forensics, Souvenir’s Young America, Meditative Sect, and many more over the past two decades or more. "So We Gnaw" is the debut full-length from Bleach Everything. The first proper LP is comprised of seven exceptionally violent hardcore songs. With previous vinyl output ("Free Inside" 7", split 7" with The Infamous Gehenna, split 7" with VORS, Bleach Everything Zine Issue One) being entirely sold out and out of print FFO: Cursed, Left for dead, Iron Reagan, Fucking Invinable