Berthold City "Moment of Truth"

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7" on Transparent Gold limited to 400

on War-Records

The debut 7" from Andrew Kline's new project with Adam Galindo from OnexChoice, the rest of the band is comprised by guitarrists Dennis (Internal Affaris / Revision) and Devin (Final Fight) plus John Eightclip on bass. The first 3 tracks were presented last year in their ashtoning demo, now, as the B-side of this EP, 3 more tracks were added but these with a feel of Terror's One with Underdog era, LA’s Berthold City are rooted in the scene to the bone. Also the name.. is the name of a type face used by many youth crew bands through the 80's and 90's... just so you know! FFO: Strife, Terror, Youth Crew, Have Heart, Champion, etc